Technical foundations support strong enterprises

CRM Advisory creates enterprise value for its clients using core technical disciplines.

System design and application

CRM Advisory approaches broad based system design in three ways:

Firstly, we look at the broad system(s) architecture as well as mechanical, electronic componentry, information technology, communications and networking requirements.

Secondly, at a high level we are able to determine, a systems capacity to broadly deliver on the intent of its initial design.

Finally, CRM Advisory is able to identify, capture and protect Intellectual Property as it relates to the system design and application.

Electronic systems and integration

CRM Advisory works alongside engineering systems providers to design new or upgrade existing electronic systems. This includes the technical and commercial integration of electronic systems.

Manufacturing process engineering

CRM Advisory are specialist architects and builders of complex manufacturing processes. We develop efficient and effective manufacturing processes from idea to product delivery. We carefully consider process design, component sourcing, factory flow, physical footprint, machinery required, product certification, regulatory, quality control and external audit compliance. Our view is always to increase the output and margin yield of a manufacturing environment, via repeatable process leading to an increase in enterprise value.

Market development

Our extensive experience in the development of new vertical and geographic markets, qualifies us to assist your business to expand opportunities to create enterprise value. In developing new markets for our clients we focus on sales force management, distribution strategy and network development.

Procurement and logistics

CRM Advisory assists our clients with the procurement of componentry for manufacturing processes, management of inventory, and the establishment and management of logistics partnerships. Our goal is to maximise performance whilst increasing net margin contribution.

Research and development

Ongoing research and development of unique product is fundamental to enterprise growth and survival. In certain markets there are significant incentives to ensure research and develop is managed to its maximum effect. We assist our clients in establishing research and development process appropriate to the size of the business and linked to the overarching business objectives. In addition we can independently review both process and outcomes.

Product marketing

Internal and external Product Marketing strategies clearly defined around definition, positioning, pricing and channel ensure that an often complex and challenging process can be easily managed.

Outcomes orientated, value driven.

CRM Advisory knows that unique projects require unique outcomes. We’re outcome focused and measure ourselves against the best. Read more.

Technical skills, commercial understanding

We lead the commercial integration of technical processes. We believe that alignment between processes, outcomes and enterprise value is vital. Read more.